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The Huntington

September 22nd - October 22nd, 2023

WRITTEN BY: James Ijames

DIRECTED BY: Stevie Walker-Webb

In association with Front Porch Arts Collective 



In this deliciously funny, Pulitzer Prize-winning new play, sweet and sensitive Juicy wants to make his own way as a queer Black man growing up in a Southern family, until his father’s ghost turns up at a backyard barbecue and insists that Juicy avenge his murder. Ay, there’s the rub! This smart and sharp reinvention of Shakespeare’s masterpiece takes Broadway by storm this spring before coming to The Huntington this fall!

Fat Ham

Victoria Omoregie is an actress, poet, and writer. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Victoria is a proud Dorchester native. Growing up in a household filled with Black-American and Nigerian culture has contributed to her artistic versatility. 

​Inspired by her musical theatress mother, Victoria has always been filled with performer juices. As a young girl, Tori engaged in dance, opera, choir, and theater classes. Thus it was inevitable for her to become an artist.....

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