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Victoria Omoregie is an actress, poet, and writer. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Victoria is a proud Dorchester native. Growing up in a household filled with Black-American and Nigerian culture has contributed to her artistic versatility. 

​Inspired by her musical theatress mother, Victoria has always been filled with performer juices. As a young girl, Tori engaged in dance, opera, choir, and theater classes. Thus it was inevitable for her to become an artist. Then in high school she competed and won the August Wilson Monologue Competition, and that experience was the light that lit a pursuit to act. 

Even as a social butterfly who enjoys making people laugh and feel seen, beneath the surface is a young woman filled with depth. Poetry has been a rhythmic extension of herself since elementary school. Moved by life's events, and the works of Tupac, Lauryn Hill and many other empathetic lyricists. 


With all that has been said, please feel free to further explore her site and contact your homegirl! Peace!

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